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6 Weir Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8UG 020 8944 1349

Reston Waste Management

We're a Waste Management Company based in Wimbledon serving South-West London.


Skip Hire for builders waste and bulky rubbish.

Wait & Load Skip Service

Load you waste onto our skip vehicle whilst we wait.

Roll-On Roll-Off (RORO) Container Hire

Container hire for large quantities of waste material.

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Skip Hire Sizes

Skips come in a range of sizes from 6 Yard to 12 Yard. The most suitable size for your needs will depend upon the amount of waste you need to dispose of and the type.

Bulky waste such as tables and chairs weigh less than inert waste such as brick, sand and concrete for the same area.

Due to the weight restriction, a vehicle carrying a large skip full of inert waste would be too much but the same skip could be filled with items from a house clearance and still be within the weight limits.

For help in choosing the right skip to hire, please send us a photograph using our contact forms of the waste you intend to dispose of. Our customer service team will give you an accurate quotation and recommendation for the ideal size to hire.

Skips can be hired by phoning our call centre based in Wimbledon, London on 020 8944 1349, by email using or by using the contact form at the top of the page.


Google Business Reviews

I have been using Restons for some time now and would not go elsewhere! Best skip company in south-west London. Fantastic service from start to finish on all of our projects.

Rachael Clarke
Rating : 5

Used Reston Waste now many times and the staff have always been professional and polite, I highly recommend them for skip hire.

Ray Madden
Rating : 5

Very professional company, turned up when they said they would, friendly drivers, reasonable prices, I would definitely recommend 👍

Simon Paskell
Rating : 5

Reston Waste are so friendly and helpful on the phones. I have always found their services to be reliable and would recommend them to anyone needing a skip in south London.

Shauna Jordan
Rating : 5

I have used Reston Waste for many years now - fantastic service always punctual and communication with the office is quick and easy. I wouldn't use anyone else.

Barry Gregory
Rating : 5

Do I need a skip permit?

Skips placed on public highways and roads need a skip permit from the local council. It can’t be placed on a public pavement but you can place it on private land without a skip permit. Without a valid permit, your skip may be removed and a fine issued.

Please bear this in mind when booking a skip please advise our team if a permit will be needed or if there are any potential access issues with placing it on your land such as limited space in gateways, narrow lanes.

Reston Waste is happy to organise permits on your behalf. It is essential that you book in advance as permits can take up to ten days to arrive.

As this is a lengthy and sometimes costly procedure we offer a service that reduces the cost and allows you to dispose of your waste quickly and efficiently without the wait for a permit. Why not try our Wait and Load Rubbish Clearance Service.

DO’s and DON’Ts of Skip Hire

Skip hire is an effective way to clear rubble, rubbish and unwanted items, however, there are stipulations that must be adhered to in order for the legalities to be met.

When loading your skip you must make sure that all rubbish is in line with the marker on the skip, this ensures that during transportation no items fall off and damage pedestrians, cars or property.

It is against the law to carry a skip that is loaded above the level load line.

As a leading London skip hire company, we are committed to recycling and eco-friendly disposal of the waste we collect, there are some items that must be thrown away separately in order for waste regulations to be adhered to. Please check when ordering that your waste is safe and is not classed as hazardous.

Additional Sundry Waste

Tyres, Fridge Freezers, Gas Cylinders, Televisions, Monitors, Fluorescent Tubes and White Goods, disposing of each item according to the rules of the waste regulations act.

If you have any doubt on the waste you would like to dispose of please call us and we can advise of the most cost-effective environmentally friendly solution.

Every one of our skip hire loader vehicles is maintained to the highest standard, undergoing daily inspections and six week servicing whilst being renewed every three years. This promotes pollution free waste disposal as well as guaranteeing the efficiency of our vehicles.

To see how competitive our prices are compared to others, call us now where we’ll be happy to take your call and answer any questions you may have.

Skip Hire Prices

*surcharge for area 2 and 3

6 Tonnes
4.6 m3
Bulky Rubbish
8 Tonnes
Bricks, Mortar, Insulation etc.
Builders Waste
7 Tonnes
7.6 m3
Bulky Rubbish
7 Tonnes
Furniture, Fridge, Mattress etc.
Bulky Rubbish

Benefits of Choosing Reston Waste

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Reston Waste recycles 95% of waste. Rubbish is separated at our own transfer station facility before sending off for recycling.

Open a Business Account

Open an account with Reston Waste for the best prices on skip hire, waste collection and RORO container hire with an easier way to pay.

Road Permits can be Arranged

Skips used on a public highway should be covered by a special permit as well as being highly visible with the use of lights and cones.


About Reston Waste

Reston Waste is a family run business which has been operating in London since 1998. Renowned as London’s top waste management service, we have a taskforce of over 35 vehicles all under 3 years old, fitted with the latest real-time tracking system to allow reliable scheduled appointments.

Situated in a prime location in London, we offer sustainable waste management solutions to our customers ranging from skip hire to wait and load, roll on roll offs, grabs, tippers and rubbish clearance services.

100% of our waste is recycled and we work closely with our customers to make sure their environmental impact and removal costs are kept to a minimum.

For fast, efficient service, call one of our experts for advice. We guarantee friendly and welcoming staff who make every effort to ensure your experience with Reston Waste is satisfactory.

Accepted Waste

Ashfelt Waste

Ash Felt

We accept Ash Felt which is a common material our building clients dispose of.

Soil Waste Wimbledon


We accept Soil which is a common material for landscape gardeners to dispose of.

Plastic Waste Wimbledon


We accept Plastics which is a common material disposed of during shop clearances.

Tiles Rubbish Wimbledon


We accept Tiles which is a common material roofers dispose of.

Wood Rubbish Wimbledon


We accept Wood that is bare or that has been painted of treated.

Glass Rubbish Wimbledon


We accept Glass as sheet glass or within a window frame.

Fabric Rubbish Wimbledon


We accept Fabric which is a common material to dispose of for shop clearances.

Drywall Skip Hire London


We accept Insulation which is a material often disposed of during building renovations.

Concrete Waste Wimbledon


We accept Concrete that is dry and ideally broken up to be loaded by hand.

Metal Waste Wimbledon


We accept Metals including iron, aluminium and copper.

Paper Waste Wimbledon


We accept Paper which is commonly disposed of during office clearances.

Ashfelt Waste


We accept Drywall which is usually disposed of by our building customers.

Additional Sundry Waste

Ashfelt Waste


We accept Fridges and there an additional charge of £25.00 per fridge.

Mattress Skip Hire London


We accept mattresses and there an additional charge of £10.00 per mattress.


We accept tyres and there an additional charge of £5.00 per tyre.

Carpet Waste Wimbledon


We accept carpets and there is an additional charge of £115.00 per ton.

Rubber Skip Hire London


We accept rubber and there is an additional charge of £115.00 per ton.


More than 10% waste will require a skip solely for the plasterboard.

Tarmac Skip Hire London


We accept Tarmac and there is an additional charge of £115.00 per ton.

Flooring Skip Hire

Metal & Wood Flooring

We accept metal & wood flooring and there is an additional charge of £115.00 per ton.

Restricted Waste

Chemical & Liquid Waste

We can’t take chemical & liquid waste due to the problem of spillage during transport and problems separating liquids in our transfer station.

Wimbledon Food Waste

Food Waste

We are unable to take food as this requires a specific licence and disposal requirements. Food waste should be disposed of with your normal rubbish collection service.

Tree Trunks

We can accept some tree trunks, however, there is a diameter restriction. Please speak to our rubbish collection team for more details.

Batteries Waste Wimbledon


We do not accept batteries due to the chemicals and potential explosiveness of batteries. These should be disposed of at your local recycling centre.

Medical Waste Wimbledon

Biological and Medical Waste

Human waste including septic tank, chemical toilets, medical, radioactive and empty hazardous material containers cannot be disposed of through Reston Waste.

Wimbledon Meat Waste

Animal Products

Animal products are prohibited for our drivers to take due to the contamination and special requirements needed to dispose of animal products safely.


We are unable to take any type of oil, even in sealed containers. Oil should be taken to your local recycling centre so that it can be disposed of in a safe and clean manner.


We do not accept asbestos at all. This is a dangerous material and must be removed by a specialist company that deals with asbestos.

Electrical Waste Wimbledon


We do not accept televisions, computer monitors, printers, cell phones, telephones or similar electrical waste. These should be taken to your local recycling centre.

Flourescent Waste Wimbledon

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent Lighting can not be taken by our drivers due to the contaminants inside of the lighting tubes. These should be taken to your local recycling centre.



All waste is taken to our Material Recycling Facility in Wimbledon. Here it goes through a mechanical and manual treatment process which separates the different materials. These are then recycled in various ways. Rubbish that cannot be recycled is used for energy creation.


24 hour notice is usually required for deliveries, collections and exchanges. However, if you call us early, we can offer same day service for local areas. We can guarantee a next day service for either the morning or afternoon. For people who have a tight schedule, we will do out utmost to work around your requirements.

Skip Drop Location

Skips can be dropped on a private property such as your drive or on the road outside your house. Skips can also be dropped at business, offices or factories. For contractors and builders, we also offer waste disposal services for customer locations.


Yes. we can organise this for you, or you can apply for it yourself from your local council. They charge a small fee for the permit.

Skip Hire Duration

The price is the same whether you have the skip for one day or two weeks. This can be extended at your request.

Loading requirements

Skips must be level-loaded at all times to ensure safety and that rubbish remains contained whilst in transit.

Waste restriction

In accordance with environmental legislation, fridge freezers, asbestos, and tyres are not permitted to be placed in or beside a skip. However, if you do require a fridge or freezer collection, we will be happy to arrange a dedicated vehicle to dispose of these for you.

Plasterboard, carpet, carpet tiles, wood/metal tiles, tarmac, and asphalt must be kept separate and is charged on a haulage and tonnage rate. Prices are available on request.

Skip permit

If you’re having problems getting a road permit, we offer a rubbish collection service where the driver will wait while you load the bin. Please contact us for further information.

Areas We Cover

Reston Waste is based in Wimbledon, London and delivers skips to most of south west London.


The yellow areas on the map will be charged at the price displayed on the pricing table above. Customers located in the magenta areas of the map will have a £10 surcharge. Customers in the blue areas of the map with have a £20 surcharge.