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Your attitude to waste disposal affects everybody

Wherever you live, the waste disposal that is sent to your local landfill site will soon affect you. All householders are visited by a waste disposal company on a weekly or fortnightly basis in order for their waste to be collected and taken away to the nearest recycling plant or landfill site. Here the rubbish is either sent away to be reused as something else or it is thrown in the landfill site and forgotten about.

Recycling ethics of waste disposal

We are running out of space at our landfill sites so it is really important that we all start to play an active role when it comes to recycling. Although you might not be so keen, you wouldn’t be happy if the landfill sites filled up and there was nowhere else to put your householder waste.

Households need to take responsibility for the waste that they produce and this can be easily done by separating your waste disposal before you put it into your general household waste bin. Plastics, tins, glass and paper can all be recycled and reused as something else. All waste is sorted when it reaches to plant to ensure that there is no recyclables being sent to a landfill site.

If you need assistance with managing your waste disposal, call us on 0208 944 1349 or 0800 376 0394

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