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What happens to my waste?

Once a waste management company removes household waste, there are a number of things that can happen to it depending on what type of waste it is. Nowadays, a waste management company removes all kinds of household waste and they are responsible for ensuring that general household waste, recycling and garden waste is removed. This might be done on a weekly or fortnightly basis and is usually during the week.

The waste management company will have provided training to those who are collecting the waste to ensure that they know what they are collecting and how the items need to be disposed of.

Different kinds of waste require different types of waste disposal. Some general household waste is taken to a sorting plant so that it can be sorted to ensure that nothing than can be recycled has been put into the wrong bin. Whereas the recyclable items are taken to a specific recycling plant where it is sorted into the different materials such as plastics, glass, tins, cans and paper so that it can then be sent on to the right place for it to be made into something new. It is really amazing what can be made from the items that we recycle in our home.

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