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What could have happened if they had bought in the bin tax?

There were many controversial plans being bounded around Parliament before the new coalition government took hold and thankfully there is some good news that the controversial bin tax plans have been put into the waste bin and will hopefully never be revived.

The bin tax plans would have seen all households being charged for the amount of waste that they produce and also the type of waste that they are wanting to dispose of. The tax and the laws which would have implemented it would have meant that local authorities in England would have the legal right to force their residents to pay for their rubbish collection and would have the facility to fine householders who overfill their bins and those who do not recycle properly.

Although these plans in theory may seem like a good idea to some, in practice, it would have been a completely different matter. Families, although they might recycle more, will be less likely to put out their bins and would potentially hoard rubbish. There were fears it could lead to more legal fly tipping and it is suspected that there would be nationwide chaos when it comes to householder rubbish.

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