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Waste collection changes in East Renfrewshire

You may have been recycling for some time but there are some places in the UK which are only latching onto the idea of reducing the waste that is sent to landfill and are finally coming round to the idea that recycling is the way forward when it comes to waste collection.

For most of us, recycling has become part of our daily lives and we are used to the separation of the waste that we put into our regular bin and what goes into the recycling box.

Separate slots for waste collection

East Renfrewshire Council are introducing new food waste collection and rubbish bin uplifts are going to become fortnightly rather than weekly in a bid to encourage individuals to start recycling. There will continue to be weekly waste collection of garden waste which is where residents will be dumping their food waste.

It really is true that it is small and simple initiatives such as this will make a big difference on the grand scale of things and individuals shouldn’t be put off by recycling when it comes to their waste collection. It is very easy and your local authority want to assist you in any way they can to ensure that you are doing your little bit for the environment so that as a whole we make a big difference.

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