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Turning waste collection into energy

Renewable energy is high on the priority list as we are slowly running out of non renewable energy sources such as gas, oil and coal. Although the government are trying a number of options, the more visible alternatives to creating power are probably wind turbines.

However, there is a scheme which will see the collected waste that is produced by the masses being turned into the fuel we need to continue running the country’s electricity and power supplies.

Waste collection to be forwarded to biomass

Biomass as an energy resource has enormous potential and there are small biomass plants located in various locations across the country. Although they are only on a small scale now, if the government tapped into this resource, it could be huge and it would reduce our reliance upon non renewable sources.

Certain types of waste collection can be sent to a biomass plant which uses the waste to create energy which is then fed back into the grid via the feed in tariff (FiTs) which have recently been introduced. If all local authorities had a bio mass plant in which they could send certain types of waste, we would all be receiving energy from a sustainable source in the future by simply arranging a waste collection.

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