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Surprising how much can be recycled

Do you think before you put items into your household waste bin? Do you ever consider the effects that what you buy in the supermarket might have on the future of our planet? If not, it might be time to start thinking about how you live your life more sustainably. Recycling should play a part in becoming more sustainable and it is important for people to realise how much of an impact you can have by thinking about what you are buying in terms of packaging and what you recycle.

Most supermarket are pretty clued up about recycling nowadays and they have catered to the needs and demands of the market to produce more recyclable packaging so that more and more waste can be put into a recycling bin rather than being thrown into a household bin and forgotten about.

Although it might seem like a chore doing your recycling, it can be a worthwhile and satisfying activity especially when you can actually see how little regular household waste you produce when you recycle. You can put all sorts of different kinds of packaging into your recycling bin including tins, glass, plastics and paper. It is surprising how much can actually be recycled nowadays.

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