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Sorting your waste clearance

Recycling should be high on your priority list when it comes to sorting out your waste clearance. If you don’t recycle, why not? Many people use the excuse that recycling is too much hard work and they can be bothered thinking about what they are throwing into their general household waste bin. However, this is absolute rubbish and in actual fact, once you have got to grips with what you can and cannot recycled, you will soon be on a roll and know when you can’t throw something into the general waste bin to be collected by the waste clearance company.

Decrease the weight of your waste clearance

Most local authorities encourage their residents to recycle by providing special bins for the householders to organise their waste clearance. In some instances, you will get different boxes in order for you to put glass, tins, paper and plastics separately. You might have also been given a garden waste bin for you to put any grass cuttings or leaves that you have swept up. If you haven’t been given a garden waste bin, now would be a great time to get a compost bin so that you can compost any garden waste that you produce rather than it being sent to a landfill site by the waste management company.

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