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Waste disposal amounts have to decrease

There has been an announcement from national government today in relation to rubbish collection and the use of landfill sites for the waste removal and waste disposal in England. There have been suggestions that material specific landfill sites might come into force in England, however, the government have today stated that this has been ruled out and instead they want to focus on the targets set in order to achieve zero waste goals.

There is a waste policy review currently being undertaken and the moves towards a material specific landfill site have arisen as a result of the review. The review and consultation of policy was initially started by the previous Labour government and Defra.

Lord Henley, the recycling minister stated that “This government is not minded to introduce further landfill restrictions in England at this stage, but will consider how best to make progress towards the objective of zero waste to landfill as part of the Review of Waste Policies, due to conclude in Spring.”

There is a clear need in the UK to reduce the amount of waste disposal that is being sent to landfill and this can only be achieved by ensuring that we recycle a large majority of our waste. This is only achievable if all householders and businesses are on board and are fully aware of what recycling facilities are available.

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