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Rewarding householders for recycling

Halton Borough Council has been tackling the amount of people who recycle in their borough for a number of years. However, over the last six months they have been undertaking a trial which gives residents reward points when they recycle. The council hope that this would encourage residents to undertake recycling.

The Council have found that the scheme was a great success and they are going to be rolling it out to include a further 9,000 homes by 2011. Halton Borough Council is the only local authority in the north of England to undertake such a scheme.

Rewarding households when they recycle hasn’t received as much support as the scheme were hoping with many believing that the reward of protecting the environment should be reward enough for recycling waste in the UK. Most people know how important recycling is but they don’t take the time or they can’t be bothered to put in the effort in order to ensure that as much of their waste as possible is recycled so that we don’t send a large proportion of waste to a landfill site.

It is surprising how much waste can be recycled when you look hard enough and it doesn’t take much effort to ensure that it goes into a recycling bin.

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