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Rubbish clearance organisations requirement

It is surprising how much food we put into our household waste bins and how much of that food is actually still ok to eat. There has been publicity recently over the amount of food that is wasted in this country and what we should be doing in order to prevent there being a large amount of good food being sent to a landfill site by the rubbish clearance companies.

Respecting the voice of rubbish clearance companies

We can all do our bit to prevent the amount of waste that is being sent by rubbish clearance companies to landfill sites in the UK and there are many ways in which to reduce the amount of food that we put into our household waste bin. This includes ensuring that we buy food within the sell by and use by date and use it all in any way possible. In some instances, food can be frozen or refrigerated to ensure their longevity.

Waste clearance companies as well as collecting our general household waste, also collect recyclable waste, which includes plastics, bottles and tin cans. You could introduce a compost heap to your garden to put certain types of food so that you can have some top quality compost for your garden in order to reduce your rubbish clearance amounts. The landfills will certainly appreciate you making effort to reduce your household waste that potentially will be travelling to the rubbish clearance tip.

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