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Waste clearance companies are kept busy over Christmas time

It may only be September but some people are starting to think about their Christmas shopping and how they are going to get all of the presents that they have been eying up. With Christmas comes a large amount of rubbish and waste clearance companies are certainly kept on their toes over the Christmas season, as it is their responsibility to remove all household waste.

Busy times for waste clearance companies

However, most local authorities nowadays will not take away your abandoned Christmas tree and you are left with the responsibility of removing it once you have finished with it. A number of recycling facilities will accept the Christmas tree or alternatively, you could chop it up and use it for firewood. It is a shame that some of the other bi products of Christmas such any left over food and certainly types of packaging cannot be recycled.

We should all do our utmost to do the most recycling as possible regardless of what time of year it is. If you have ordered a new television or it is somebody’s birthday and they have received a large amount of presents, it might be worthwhile seeing how much of the packaging can be recycled. You can even buy recycled birthday and Christmas cards as well as wrapping paper. This will be music to the waste clearance company’s ears.

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