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Recycling waste week is almost over

Recycling week is coming to a close so we will have to wait and see if there has been any significant impact in terms of holding the event and whether or not it will result in changes to householders and businesses attitude to recycling and waste disposal management.

One thing that will probably be highlighted after this week is that it hasn’t been very well publicised, with most individuals not knowing that it is recycling week . In order to make people aware of recycling and waste disposal management, it needs to be better publicised and discussed if we are to make a dent in the mountain of waste production and waste disposal within the UK.

Being disciplined about waste disposal and recycling

With so much rubbish being taken to landfill sites, there is still a need to press ahead with plans to encourage recycling as much as possible. Sitting idly by will not help anybody with waste disposal and it will certainly not be a good step for the environment.

By thinking long term, we plan and produce strategies so that we can start to make a difference now which will hopefully prevent any further problems arising out of the amount of rubbish we produce. This figure needs to be seriously reduced.

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