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Recycling not high on priority list in Northern Ireland

In reports out this week, it has been highlighted that there are some areas in the UK that are lagging behind when it comes to recycling. Although this might not be a shock to you, you would be surprised at how many householders as well as businesses now do their fair share of recycling.

Recycling needs to be and should be an important part of our daily lives and we should be taking note when it comes to what can and cannot be placed into a recycling bin and what should be put into the general household bin.

In the report, Northern Ireland is significantly struggling to grasp onto the idea of recycling and apparently less than a third of all households are recycling compared to 34% of English householders in 2007/2008. There have been estimates that the figure for the number of houses recycling in England for this year will hit 40% which would be an enormous leap forward in encouraging those who can recycling to recycle their waste.

Although Northern Ireland actually produce less waste that England overall, there still needs to be a drive to encourage individuals to recycle where they can.

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