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Protesting against a waste incinerating in North Yorkshire

There have been protests in North Yorkshire this week against plans to build a waste incinerator. The residents who have been protesting against the waste incinerator have been calling for better recycling facilities, however there is an argument that suggests there is nothing better than incinerating some of the waste that is put into a household or business bin for disposal.

According to local records, recycling rates in the area of Harrogate have been appalling in comparison to the rest of the county. However, the residents are arguing that if recycling can be improved in the area, there won’t be any need for the incinerating plant. However, encouraging individuals as well as businesses to recycling is very difficult and there will need to be a vast improvement in the services which are provided by a local authority.

However, the North Yorkshire County Council realise that there will always be a need to incinerate and treat waste so there will always be a need for the incinerating plant. They are arguing that the proposals for the incinerating plant will not be a replacement for recycling facilities but it will be a complimentary facility to the other facilities that are offered by the County Council.

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