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What happens to my waste disposal and recycling?

Many people wonder what happens to their rubbish collection and recycling once it has been taken away from their home. In most instances, the rubbish collection and recycling waste is collected separately and taken to different depots to be sorted and disposed of.

From rubbish collection to a landfill site

During rubbish collection, the general household waste is sometimes sorted before being dumped into a landfill site, whereas recycling is taken to a special warehouse where each recyclable material is separated and taken away to a plant, which deals specifically with that item. Some recyclables such as plastic and glass are melted down and made into new plastic and glass items, whereas paper and tins are sent away to be made into completely new things altogether.

It is amazing how much we can actual recycle from our waste disposal items if we put our minds to it and if we all took a little time out when putting items into the bin for the rubbish collection, we would significantly reduce the amount of waste disposal that we send to landfill sites. In Britain alone we produce approximately 300 millions tonnes of rubbish which is truly outstanding and needs to be addressed if we are to become a more sustainable nation.


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