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What do waste clearance companies do?

It would be crazy to think that we could carry on regardless when it comes to our waste collection in the UK. The government both past and present have worked hard to encourage individuals to recycle as much as possible to ensure that there is little waste being sent to a landfill site by waste clearance companies.

There are landfill sites located in most major towns and cities to service the waste that is produced in that location. Typically, each local authority has a specific waste clearance company that they employ to undertake the collection, removal and disposal of all waste that is produced within a specific area.

Waste collection company’s commitments

The waste clearance company ensure as much waste as possible is sent to the recycling plant so that it can be reused as other items that you find in the supermarket and other locations. Only the items that really cannot be reused are disposed of in a landfill site, however, the government wish to reduce this even further so that landfill sites eventually become obsolete. We all need to realise our responsibilities and start to assist in the reduction of waste that is sent to landfill sites by recycling as much as possible both in the home and also in the workplace.

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