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Local waste clearance

It doesn’t take long for rubbish to collect within a city centre and for the communal areas of a town or city to start to look dirty and grim. Councils are responsible for waste clearance and keeping all public areas free from rubbish and have a responsibility to their residents to ensure that any rubbish that is thrown away in a public bin is removed and sent to the appropriate location for disposal.

In order to satisfy the demands of local residents, councils hire waste management companies to deal with their waste disposal needs. This might involve collecting household rubbish on a weekly basis, or it might be emptying the vast amount of public bins that are located across the borough.

Waste disposal in Cardiff

In Cardiff, the council have a plan to target their waste disposal and rubbish collection problems. They have come up with a waste clearance management and street cleansing business plan which will target the problem areas of the city to ensure that it is maintained to a high standard and that city centre is no longer branded as looking ‘tired’. Part of the new waste disposal business plan includes a number of new bins, including recycling bins to be placed in various locations. Although the plan won’t be implemented until 2011, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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