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More recycling plants are being built

More and more recycling plants are popping up all over the country to keep up with the demand for recyclable products that have been made from the items that we put into our recycling boxes or bags at home or at work.

There are many items that can be recycled and it is surprising what they can be made into. However before it gets to that stage, all recyclable waste has to be sorted through into categories and thoroughly washed before it is sent off to be made into something else.

In addition to the plastics, glass and tins that we put in our recycling bins, we can also recycle wood which is made into bio fuel for homes and businesses to run off. There are so many different types of recycling plant that it is amazing that we still have any rubbish to send to a landfill site, yet there are still individuals who are not doing their bit and recycling as much of their waste as possible.

Recycling is essential if we want to tackle global warming and make an impact on the effects that putting non biodegrable products into the ground is having on the world that we live in.

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