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Incentives to encourage recycling and waste clearance

There have been many criticisms received over the way in which individual householders are being given incentives in order to encourage their participation in recycling waste schemes and waste clearance up and down the country.

Recycling waste week last week highlighted the fact that many UK householders are still completely oblivious to the fact that they need to start recycling some of their household waste if we are to ever achieve the targets set by national government.

Some ways to stimulate sensible waste clearance

Incentives such as meal vouchers, cinema tickets and other vouchers have been trialled in various locations across the UK and it appears that they are having some success, although not as much as they were hoping for. The scheme has had much success in the United States where recycling figures have risen dramatically since the introduction of incentivised recycling waste schemes.

The backers of these sorts of schemes are looking to roll out the idea across the country so that more people become aware of the need to recycle and also to encourage those who lack the motivation to participate to join in the recycling fun.
Recycling waste doesn’t have to be another chore; it can easily be incorporated into how you currently manage your waste clearance situation at home with ease.


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