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How to Avoid Overloading a Skip?

Never fill a skip beyond its maximum load capacity. Not only could it land you a hefty fine, but it could also endanger the lives of others around you. 

In this article, discover some tips and tricks that will help you to fill your skip safely. 

Overloaded skip with fence panel and garden waste

Why shouldn’t you overfill your skip?

If you’ve ever tried to hire a skip, you may have noticed that virtually every skip hire company enforces a strict no-overfill rule. We do this to protect you, our staff and others who may walk nearby. 

Here are some reasons why you should never overfill your skip:

Objects can fall out and injure somebody

As any good jenga player knows, the higher you build your tower, the more likely it is to come crashing down. The same can be said for skips; the maximum capacity level is the highest point that your waste is stable. Beyond that, you risk objects falling out and causing injury. Even if they don’t directly hit anyone, fallen objects may damage property or block access points.

The skip is dangerous to transport

It is extremely unsafe to remove and transport an overflowing skip. Almost every skip hire company will flat out refuse to move it, as they don’t want to endanger their staff. You will then be forced to reassemble the waste in your skip or hire a second one.

You will be fined

It is against the law to fill your skip above its maximum load level. If you are caught doing so, you could be hit with a hefty fine. Plus, you may face serious legal action if someone is injured by a falling object.

Skip dangerously overloaded with rubbish

How high can you fill a skip?

Every skip has bold red lines that indicate its maximum fill level. None of the waste you place in your skip should exceed this level.

How to fill a skip?

You can save a lot of space by loading your skip methodically instead of mindlessly throwing everything in. The key is to deconstruct or flatten your items, separate them into categories, and then place each category into the skip in layers, aiming to fill every available space.

Separate your waste into four categories:

    • Flat items – such as cardboard and paper
    • Tessellate objects –  such as bricks and tiles
    • Bulky items – such as furniture and appliances
    • Debris – such as soil and sand

Begin with your flat items. Flatten them down as much as you can and then place them into your skip so that you cover the entire base. Once the first layer is complete, repeat with a second layer.

The same technique should be applied next for tessellated objects. Lay the items in layers to cover all available space. The tessellated items must go into the skip after the flat items, as the tessellated items will weigh the flat items down to create more space.

Bulky items must be deconstructed into their core parts, e.g. table legs should be removed from the tabletop. Once this is completed, lay your waste into the skip, once again in layers to fill all available space. Imagine this sequence like a game of tetris: identifying the optimal places to put various shapes so that every space is filled.

Finally, pour debris into the skip to fill all remaining pockets of space.

How to choose the right size of skip

Most skip hire companies offer skips in various sizes. It’s important you choose the right one for your project. Pick one that’s too small and you’ll end up overfilling it and need to hire another. Pick one that’s too large and you will have needlessly overpaid. Our skip size guide can help you identify the perfect skip for your needs.

Are there alternatives to skip hire?

If you’re unsure which skip size you’ll need or are concerned about overloading, there are other options. Reston Waste offers domestic waste removals and rubbish collection for swift and efficient clearance. Our team will visit your home and remove your waste then and there, with no skip involved.

Reston Waste removal van

Skip hire, waste removal and rubbish collection are just some of the services we provide as waste management experts. No matter whether you’re undergoing a large commercial project or a simple flat clear out, we can help. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we understand how to clear waste effectively. Whatever you need, whenever you need it — we’re here to help. 

Reston Waste serves customers throughout London.

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