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Giving a boost to the WRAP campaign

According to a report out today, there is a campaign which will see the promotion of less waste and more recycling. This campaign is being run by the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) which is funded by the Government. Although this campaign was launched in 2007 with the aim to reduce the amount of consumer food waste by March 2010 by at least 250,000 it appears that we are far from reaching this target and the campaign needs a boost.

Although the campaign has made some headway in reducing the amount of rubbish we dispose of and it estimates that 2 million households have reduce their food waste, there is still a need to try and do more if we can.

It is important that everybody jumps onto the recycling band wagon if it is ever to be successful and it simply won’t work if some people decide not to do it. Recycling should be something that everybody does and it isn’t difficult to start separating the various pieces of rubbish and putting into the correct bin on collection day. It would certainly make a difference to the world in which we live in and also prevent the amount of recyclable waste that ends up in a landfill site.

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