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Waste clearance and further recycling in Tewkesbury

With most local authorities being forced to cut their spending habits and find new ways of saving money, there were many who believed that the waste clearance of household and business waste would be severely affected. However, in most instances, so far this hasn’t been the case.

We are all aware of our recycling and waste disposal duties and most of us diligently separate our waste to ensure that whatever can be recycled is recycled, with only the bare minimum going to a landfill site. However, there are some items that are still not recyclable in some boroughs, whereas they are recyclable in others. Most authorities only collect glass, paper, cardboard and cans, with some opting to recycling plastics.

Good news for waste clearance at Tewkesbury

In Tewkesbury, kerbside recycling has been extended to include even more items than before for the waste disposal to ensure that the amount of waste that householders send to a landfill site is reduced even further. You can even recycle your biscuit tins, greetings cards and wrapping paper! This has led to a ‘dramatic improvement’ in the number of people choosing to recycle the waste disposal in Tewkesbury and the local authority is hoping that the momentum is going to continue into the future.

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