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Waste clearance companies are encouraging residents to recycle

There have been many policies set by national government in order to achieve a more sustainable society in the UK and to encourage recycling facilities in every city, town and borough in the country so that eventually the country becomes zero waste. Although this might seem rather optimistic, there have been a number of studies, which have concluded that a large majority of householders are now recycling and this is because the facilities to recycle and the services provided by a local authority in conjunction with a waste clearance company are so good.

Waste collection companies are responsible for scheduling

Local authorities typically hire rubbish clearance companies in order to manage the waste that is being produced by householders and businesses in the borough. They are responsible for waste clearance and are ultimately answerable to the local authority who gives them their orders or directions. It is the local authority that will decide whether or not to arrange your waste clearance on a weekly or fortnightly basis and it is their responsibility to provide recycling facilities for all of their residents.

Some local authorities have been offering incentives to their residents in order to encourage the use of their recycling facilities. This has included financial rewards and coupons to get money off various items. This seems to be working; however it is only done by a handful of local authorities.

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