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Deposit for plastic bottles has been suggested

There have been calls over recent weeks to change the way in which we recycle bottles in the UK. This has been in response to the need to reduce the amount of waste that we produce and also the amount of litter that is seen on the streets of all major towns and cities.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England has put forward a suggestion that all bottles when they are sold have a deposit placed on them that when they are given in to a recycling plant or specific location, the deposit which has been paid is returned to the owner of the bottle.

The deposits that are currently being suggested for the bottles range from 15p for a 500ml bottle to 30p for any bottle larger than 500ml. This would mean that this deposit would have to be worked into the price of the item and there would need to be some form of regulation to ensure that the money is returned.

There is a cost associated to the recycling of bottles and also to the many clean up operations that have to take place in the UK as a result of others being careless with their litter, but this scheme may take a while to take off because although it encourages individuals to recycle, it might be rather more difficult to implement.

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