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Litter epidemic in Britain

There have been reports over the past few weeks about the litter problem that Britain is currently suffering. It appears that some local authorities have only just realised the problems that we are suffering as a nation when it comes to litter and there has been little in the way of trying to tackle the problem even though we are spending a huge amount of money on supposed clean up operations.

Keep Britain Tidy undertook a survey of local authorities in England and showed that in the last year almost £100 million has been spent on employing litter pickers and buying equipment to help clean up litter including chewing gum removal equipment.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England says that Britain is suffering from a litter epidemic and we need to start changing our attitudes towards how we dispose of litter when we are out and about. Although most of us are very responsible when it comes to our waste, there are some individuals who cause problems for the masses. Ultimately, the £100 million bill is going to be passed on from local authorities to the residents through their council tax bill and in effect we are paying to clean the streets that we make dirty.

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