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Rubbish clearance and learning to recycle

If you don’t know the difference between the various bins that your local authority have provided to you, you may want to do a little bit of research into what you can and cannot put in your new recycling bins. They may have come with an instruction manual but this might have been misplaced so you will need to read up and find out what is appropriate for recycling.

You can recycle both at home, at school and at your place of work. During rubbish clearance, a variety of items can be sent for recycling, many of which you might not have ever thought about. These can be batteries, electrical items and even old television sets.

Recycling tips on rubbish clearance

Most people know that you can recycle paper, plastic, tins and glass. All of these items are sent to specialist recycling centres where they are broken down and made into other items that you might find around your home such as plastic bags (which can also be recycled), other tins and bottles or even go towards making a new car or aeroplane.

The world of recycling is a fascinating one and you don’t have to stop at recycling your material waste products; you can recycle food as well as having a compost heap in your garden. Your plants will absolutely love you for it!

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