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Getting to grips with your recycling

Do you know which waste goes in which bin and what day you need to put your rubbish out on?

Most local authorities nowadays provide their residents with special bins for certain types of waste so that they can encourage as well as make recycling easier. Recycling might be the last thing on your mind but you will be surprised at how much of your household waste that can go in your recycle bin and therefore reducing the amount of rubbish you put into your black bin sacks which will eventually end up at a landfill site.

In order to ensure that waste and recycling is collected promptly and efficiently, local authorities hire waste management companies to take away the waste and dispose of it in the correct manner. The waste management companies have a vast amount of experience when it comes to handling all different kinds of waste so they will be able to handle your household waste with ease. It will be collected, sorted and disposed of without it impacting significantly on the environment.

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