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Don’t throw away good food

You would be surprised at how much food is put into a household waste bin and that this food eventually ends up in a landfill site rotting away in a black bin bag. We can however reduce the amount of food that we are putting into our general household waste bins and this is by making sure we eat things in our fridges before it goes out of date and making the most of the food that we have before we go to the supermarket again.

In days gone by, throwing away food was not an option; you couldn’t afford to just throw away food just because it might be going out of date. There was always something you could make with the food to save it from the bin.

Similarly, there are other things that householders can have that would make an enormous difference to what is being sent to landfill sites. Items such as compost heaps and wormeries are great if you have vegetable peelings and other such items that can be put into the compost bin and then used on the garden once it has composted down. You can even put cooked food into a wormery and the worms will eat it and make lovely compost to put on your allotment or garden.<

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