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Construction Waste / Rubbish Benefits

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Reston Waste recycles 95% of waste. Rubbish is separated at a recycling facility reducing the amount of waste going to Landfill by 95%.

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Road Permits can be Arranged

Skips used on a public highway should be covered by a special permit as well as being highly visible with the use of lights and cones.

Construction Waste / Rubbish

In order to comply with the Health and Safety at work Act 1975, you need to ensure that ever part of your construction site is kept in ‘good order’ and that the workplace is clean. This will involve coming up with a good housekeeping strategy and ensuring construction waste / rubbish is disposed of properly.

Make your construction site safer for your staff by correctly disposing of waste materials.

Construction waste management

The waste produced on a construction site can quickly become a safety hazard to workers if it is not properly managed. This is why it is essential that before you start a construction project you determine how you are going to manage your waste and who will be responsible of collecting and disposing of it.

Tips for construction waste and rubbish removal

Remove flammable materials immediately
If you have flammable waste materials on your construction site, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The longer you leave them on site, the higher the risk of fires.

Inform your staff
Make sure all of your employees understand how important it is to clear waste from the construction site and keep their workspaces clean. The better informed your staff are, the lower the chance of an accident caused by construction waste and rubbish.

Provide waste removal equipment
If you will be generating a lot of waste inside a building, then you will need to provide waste removal equipment such as wheeled bins or chutes to make sure it can be taken out of the building safely.

When it comes to removing construction waste and rubbish from your site, you have a number of different options. The first is to hire a skip. Rubbish skips come in a number of different sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of rubbish. They can be placed on your site and picked up when they’re full, making them a very convenient option.

If however you have a lot of construction waste and rubbish, you may find it more cost effective to book a RORO container. These are much larger inside and better suited to bulky construction waste.

The final option is to use a grab hire service. Having a grab hire lorry visit your construction site to collect and remove your waste will be very efficient, not to mention more cost effective than hiring multiple skips.

To discuss construction waste disposal further, feel free to get in touch.

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