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Britain lagging behind in waste clearance

When we are compared against other countries within Europe when it comes to waste management and how we handle our waste clearance and recycling, we are certainly not leading the way with innovative ideas or showing off our expertise in the field.

This could explain why the coalition government are keen to start looking at how we are currently utilising the available waste management facilities and whether or not householders are acting responsibly when it comes to recycling.

The importance of waste clearance and recycling

Although most of us are now supplied with recycling bins from our local council, some individuals are still failing to understand how important it is to recycle and how much of a difference it can make if we all pull together.

In Britain, it is estimated that we produce approximately 300 billions tons of waste a year. This is a shocking amount. Approximately half of this waste clearance can be recycled if we think carefully about what we are putting in our bins. By recycling, it would reduce the amount of rubbish we are putting into the general waste bin which is then taking off to landfill sites. If everybody did their bit, we would be making more of an impact when it came to waste clearance.

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