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Bad smells coming from food recycling plant

There have been protests in Wales this week over a food recycling compound that is omitting awful smells. Residents who live near to the food recycling compound in Gelligaer have come out in force to complain en masse about the smells that have been coming from the plant located at a nearby farm.

According to the residents, the smells can travel as far as four miles from the site and have been causing serious problems to the local residents who have been unable to sit in their gardens or hang their washing out as a result of the smells.

Although the Environment Agency should be regulating compounds such as this, there appears to be a breach in the way that the compound is being run if bad smells are being omitted. However, this is only an individual case and it isn’t to say that this would happen at all food recycling plants.

As a country, Britain requires all sorts of different recycling plants in order to tackle the mammoth amount of rubbish that is accumulated by the British public. You would be truly amazing at the amount of rubbish that is thrown away that could potentially be recycled or reused in some way.

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