Important Announcement

Reston Waste Management have been made aware of a person or persons attempting to open accounts fraudulently in an attempt to obtain goods and services by deception.

If you have received an application to open an account from us, please call us on 020 8944 1349 to verify it is genuine.

At this stage the target companies appear to be Tool & Equipment Hire Companies in the West Midlands but of course, that might change so please be vigilant and help us to help you.

Thank you
Reston Waste Management Ltd


Waste Management Blog

Waste disposal companies handle your household waste

Everybody produces some form of waste and it comes in numerous different types of waste disposal needs. We need to ensure that it is handled properly and disposed of so that it can either be recycled or sent to landfill. When waste management companies collect household waste on a weekly or fortnightly basis, they will go through the rubbish that they have collected to ensure that there is nothing that has been put into waste disposal container that could possibly be recycled.

Many householders now recycle whatever they can and it often depends on the local authority about what materials you can and cannot recycle. Although some are more restrictive than others, you usually find that they will take plastic, glass, tins and paper. All of these items can be reused and recycled to make other items for the future.

Reducing our waste disposal quantities by actively recycling

Recycling is the only way that we are going to reduce the amount of waste disposal that we send to landfill. Most supermarkets and other manufacturers are making a conscious effort to ensure that their packages are biodegradable or can be recycled.

If you need assistance with managing your waste disposal, call us on 0208 944 1349 or 0800 376 0394


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